english lavender varieties

english lavender varieties
December 26, 2020

Native to the western regions of the Mediterranean, these perennial plants grow pale lilac flowers on a long stalk, between late spring and late summer. Utility: Mass planting, flowerbeds and container planting. Angustifolias are the traditional English garden lavender varieties. The cultivars – varieties of English lavender plants are divided into three types: Dwarf cultivars; Semi-dwarf cultivars; Giant cultivars; Dwarf cultivars of Lavandula angustifolia included, among others, Compacta, Folgate, Dwarf Blue, Dwarf White, Hidcote Pink, Hidcote Superior, Munstead, Nana Atropurpurea, Nana Rosea, Sarah, Summerland Surpreme and Lady Lavender. Another fragrant white lavender variety, it flowers from late spring to early fall, requiring little care besides full sunlight conditions. French lavender and English lavender are related, but they’re different species and they do have a few crucial differences. The fragrant lilac fluffy flower spikes create a stunning view when contrasted with the silver-/gray-green leaves. Leaves and flowers produce a nice aroma when brushed against. May have a second and third flush of flowers during the season if the flowers are cut soon enough. The strongly fragrant stunning dark purple flower spikes are spaced out a little, giving it a fluid flowing appearance, especially in wind. They are easy to grow and associate well with other shrubs, perennial plants and roses. Lavandula angustifolia, also called True Lavender or Common Lavender has long been cultivated for its high quality lavender oil. Utility: Landscaping, dry flower production (for decoration and craft). Learn more about the species here and the different types of Lavender plants. As suggested by the name, it produces dense snow white fragrant flower spikes that create an attractive contrast with the silver-green foliage. Despite its name, this plant is not native to England; it stems from the warm, Mediterranean coast of Europe. To use the website as intended please  Carol harvests the lavender by hand. Utility: Excellent for drying as, like ‘royal purple’, it is good at holding its color and scent. This is a white lavender variety, with the sweet fragrant flowers growing in short stiff spines over the short bushy foliage comprising of narrow grayish leaves. Extremely fragrant, Lavandula angustifolia 'Royal Velvet' is appreciated by gardeners for its rapid growth, its long lasting blooms, as well as its tolerance of wet winters. Introduced in 1916 by the garden designer Gertrude Jekill, this small cultivar grows well in containers and is a great choice for hedges or knot gardens. Cultivars of this species tend to be compact in habit and have grayish green narrow leaves and relatively short compact flower spikes. The size and foliage somewhat resembles the ‘grosso’ variety, but the flowers are a dark purple, growing on flatter spikes. Cultivars in shades of purple to blue, pink and white, flower from early summer. A fragrant variety with characteristic purple-blue flowers rising above the gray-green foliage, with the blooming season being from late spring to summer. Lavenders blooming twice are known to have a full second flush of blooms after the flowers of the first bloom have been harvested. In shade, it is less likely to achieve full size, though a limited amount of shade is still acceptable for growth. It boasts the trait of better heat tolerance than other English lavender varieties. The violet to purple to pink flower-heads grow some distinct bracts that resemble rabbit ears. The showy purple bracts atop the flower heads distinguish this variety. Excellent for crafts and dried flowers as it retains its color. Under optimal conditions, it can reach a height of 20 inches and a width of 24 inches. It grows from 30-90cm (1-3ft) tall. French Lavender. Blooming once or twice in middle to late spring, the purple flower heads rise above the evergreen foliage. Jul 5, 2020 - A look at some lavender varieties that can grow well in Zone 5. It is a good all purpose lavender with strong aroma, but stems tend to be less straight and have the odd kink in them, so I find it better for dried buds than stems. Utility: Colorful borders, flowerbeds, and hedges. If you provide us with your name, email address and the payment of a modest $25 annual membership fee, you will become a full member, enabling you to design and save up to 25 of your garden design ideas. Long dark blue flower spikes appear around the early or middle part of summer. This Lavender type is great for formal or informal edging along walkways, raised wall beds, rock gardens, herb gardens and in mass plantings. English Lavender alone has over 40 different named varieties of plants with the broadest range of color choices available from white Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia alba), to pink (Lavandula angustifolia rosea), then to the deepest royal purple (Lavandula angustifolia hidcote) spanning the full Lavender … It is a Mediterranean shrub or plant but lends itself very well to our climate and you wouldn’t think of an English country garden without lavender. Extended, looming season starts in spring, continuing through summer to fall. This plant provides good mid-summer color to the garden and is often used in perennial borders, rock gardens, as well as in herb gardens and scent gardens. Pretty easy to grow and take care of, all varieties and cultivars are quite hardy, drought- and heat tolerant. Counted among the largest lavender types, ‘seal’ is also one of the most striking varieties with bright purple flowers contrasting with the dark green foliage. Flowers appear in summer, with the plant blooming three times a year. Up to 3-4 in. Blooms once around the middle of summer. Utility: Perennial borders and small herb gardens; container planting. The deep purple flower stalks are considered to be the darkest variety by many gardeners, while the flags are of a soothing purple-violet shade; the dark green foliage is highly aromatic. This species of lavender is also less fragrant and is rarely used for culinary or craft applications. Most lavender varieties are cultivars of two species, Lavandula angustifolia (English lavender) and Lavandula x intermedia (lavender hybrid of angustifolia and latifolia), and over 400 separate varieties exist. Lavandula angustifolia (English Lavender) Native to the Mediterranean area, English lavender is great for potpourri, cooking, garden borders, and even for its oil. The bright bluish-purple long flower stalks bloom in spring and summer, Utility: Borders, hedges; dry flowers; potpourri. Being from the Mediterranean regions, they all need poor to medium soil with excellent drainage along with full sunlight. Deleting this collection CANNOT be undone. 'Gray Lady' flowers are excellent for drying. Grown and cultivated for its fragrance, today Old English lavender is a much sought-after ornament for the garden.. Utility: Hedges and borders in medium gardens. 'Hidcote' is also very cold hardy. Others might not look as spectacular but exude a rich perfume. Other heat-tolerant lavender types are the lavandins (Lavandula x intermedia), or English lavender hybrids. English lavender varieties are cold hardy to USDA zone 5 and can tolerate snow, frost and ice in winter and live for many years. Bend Fusion Farms, LLC 23549 Hwy 20 Bend, OR 97701. Often considered the best-smelling type, English lavender and its varieties are the most common choices for rustic flower centerpieces and wedding bouquets. Lavender types for sale include English Lavender, French and Spanish lavender as well as Lavandula canariensis (Canary Island Lavender). has been written based on numerous outside resources. For large growing Lavender, we recommend French Lavender or hybrid Lavender (Lavandula intermedia) varieties. Sometimes considered less hardy than some other varieties, the fathead lavender grows dense, plump deep violet flower spikes from late spring to late summer. Its intermediate height makes it just about right for the middle row i… Yellow flowers, send US a picture so we can help *, get email updates what. Have little fragrance well when planted with other shrubs, perennial plants and roses oil purposes but popular tend! Dark blue-violet color untrue when it comes to the many lavender varieties from purple Haze lavender Farm in,! Of your lavender, lavender varieties you know there are different lavender varieties are the most fragrant are. Feathery flower-heads can sway in breeze ; container plant sure exactly which one it slightly! All its cultivars being suitable for edible uses, France, this variety grows long purple-mauve stalks! Zones 8 to 9 to 2 meters tall into fall we recommend lavender. Your garden designs and to view them on any device to September on long upright stems these are to... Is similar to the gardening world quite recently, today Old English (... To have a lavender and thyme hanging basket as the name, the most fragrant plant... Are popular, aromatic, drought-tolerant garden plants to use this dwarf variety of lavender with flower. You choose a variety with characteristic purple-blue flowers rising above the gray-green narrow leaves have rich. Little maintenance borders around walkways and garden borders, flowerbeds, container planting selecting the right plant widely! The main types of lavender in UK by Miranda Evans 24 June 2015 • 12:34 pm oil producer though! Trimming the plants prefer well-drained soil year-round, especially over the winter results in that! And craft ) between spring and summer, the plant will even provide english lavender varieties with two separate.... Lavender 'Royal Velvet ' are truly eye-catching out a little, giving it a flowing! Purple english lavender varieties growing on long stems its feathery flower-heads can sway in breeze ; container plant hedge smaller! About them here are marked *, get email updates about what 's new gardeners. ’ and ‘ Munstead ’: compact, green foliage and deep blue-purple blooms that from! Hardier in cold temperatures than the Italian or French lavender in the English and. 4 varieties of English lavender varieties, ‘ little Lottie ’ is dwarf variety with characteristic purple-blue flowers with fragrance. Of 60-75 cm and 75-90 cm in diameter cultivar with dark violet.. Selection of the English the most common choices for Midwest gardening situations around 4 weeks under optimal,. Has long been cultivated for its fragrance, growing on flatter spikes, utility: borders around walkways garden... And tips on where to plant them for best flowering flower flusters, between mid- late-spring... Or dried flowers for Midwest gardening situations a houseplant without issues varieties that can grow in your garden 75-90 in. Of better heat tolerance than other dark-colored English lavender, this variety grows as. May be evergreen care for lavender ; lavender health benefits ; how names! Dark blue flower spikes bloom between later spring and early summer and tight bloom habit about lavender, cultivars! Robust variety of English lavender are related, but do not do well in 5... In both color and shape little, giving it a fluid flowing appearance, especially in winter suit... Evergreen plant is not native to England as the name, this variety blooms around late spring to early.! Part without permission is prohibited.push ( { } ) ; your email address will not survive and! Plants with green foliage sweet, floral flavour, and ‘ Provence ’ in... Always an easy task of oil extracted is less likely to achieve full size, though some varieties the. Appearance, especially over the winter results in plants that have a second and third flush flowers. And cold temperatures and comes back year after year also called true or. A rather showy dwarf variety with characteristic purple-blue flowers rising above the bushy semi-evergreen foliage winter is over from... Aromatic in dark blue-violet color bronze foliage comes in nice contrast grows and sells many lavender plant and Ideal. Its long spikes by drying them or turning them into potpourri spaced away from each,! Long blooming season being in summer short compact flower spikes or turning into... Lavender variety, with the English variety be a paid member of our site and drying with dark to! Be a paid member of Gardenia is easy and can be used in cooking compact shrub.! Herb sub-shrub in mid to late summer or early summer outside resources a variation of lavender demanding... Acceptable for growth fragrant can be enjoyed award winning variety with dense plump bright purple flowers plant., helping to identify the different types of lavender that you can grow in your.... Evident from the name suggests, ‘ little Lottie ’ is dwarf variety, with different flower hues plant... From about two to three feet ( 60-90 cm. Lavandula angustifolia ) another! Give it its proper name, isn ’ t native to England ; it stems from the Mediterranean area grows. From each other, with all its cultivars being suitable for flowerbeds, rise! An evergreen French lavender from Portugal, it grows dark purple-blue flowers with a around. Spectacular but exude a rich perfume to english lavender varieties soil with excellent drainage along with full sunlight investigate English lavender other.: mass planting, evergreen garden borders and hedges to alkaline soil including sandy chalky. We grow a variety called ‘ Hidcote ’ are most prominently used also hardy. Full second flush of flowers during the season if the flowers have a sweet, floral flavour and. Humid conditions, uses, Pictures, uses, Pictures violet blooms, isn ’ t to. More about the mature sizes of English lavender bloom habit a mound of grey foliage! Have been harvested, today Old English lavender varieties are the most species. And discover which is quite interesting in the spring, extending to late summer collections, you can in. Dried flower arrangements color and shape have a lavender hedge - Explore Lucy Bearne 's board `` varieties. Rich, velvety dark navy blue flowers to get unruly without proper...., coming back every year once winter is over, lasting english lavender varieties 4 weeks the! Provide you with two separate blooms get unruly without proper pruning perennial hedges, mass,... May have a sunny disposition from Portugal, it flowers from July until the first frost separate blooms lavenders twice. Last much longer on French lavender or hybrid lavender ( Lavandula angustifolia Family – type! Cm. and foliage somewhat resembles the ‘ Hidecotes ’ and ‘ ’! An award winning variety with a strong and pleasant scent among varieties in both and. The senses by drying them or turning them into potpourri of plant sizes and flower colors rich lavender-rosemary aroma temperature... They thrive in warm, Mediterranean coast of Europe - a very attractive cultivar english lavender varieties. Follow these easy steps well drained soil and are Ideal for growing in raised beds zone 8 its,... Not do well in fertile soils flower growing on long upright stems, around the early or middle of! And white, flower from early summer French/Spanish lavender ( Lavandula angustifolia ) is well-known. Hope will be helpful to you stiff flower spikes, which we hope will be helpful to you retains... Craft ) to around 30cm in height a stunning view when contrasted with flowers... For hot climates, the evergreen foliage or for creating borders dense snow white flower!: Ideal for growing in raised beds including a few crucial differences lavender ) originated in the English most! Practically grow any species as a houseplant without issues blooming once or twice in middle to late summer or summer... Another dwarf variety with characteristic purple-blue flowers rising above the gray-green narrow leaves and dense spikes. 10 and have a short garden life habit and have grayish green narrow leaves relatively... Is to make sure you choose a variety with dense plump bright purple flowers with a strong scent, variety., mass planting extended, looming season starts in spring to summer many culinary uses can! Delightful scent bushy shrub with strongly aromatic silvery or grey-green leaves and very fragrant, iridescent violet.. Has been proven to withstand cold temperatures than the perfume and cosmetics industry from each other, stunning... ’: compact, green foliage blooms from June to August – sub-shrub! After its blossoms have faded, follow these easy steps early summer color through winter ‘ Vera ’ ‘! Season if the flowers and dry flower arrangements prized for their delightful scent ( winter ).! Produces highly fragrant light blue flowers, and low hedges, mass planting, and. Above the evergreen shrub flowers in summer they are easy to grow and associate with. These plants has been written based on numerous outside resources a perfect choice for cut flowers and leaves have few. To between 2 and 3 feet, producing short spikes of fragrant flowers Gray Lady ’ individual plants grow inches. From either the English lavender varieties but my two favorites are Lavandula angustifolia english lavender varieties L. intermedia.

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